Disk Herniation

Disk Herniation

Disc herniation/Disc protrusion/Disc bulge are common painful injuries that affect the spine.

The discs are positioned between our vertebrae which make up our spine. The discs act like shock absorption to the spine when sitting, standing, walking, jogging, jumping etc...

The discs are supposed to be aligned with the spine.  When the disc moves, it interferes with the nerves that come out of our spine and our spinal cord. Common conditions that can arise out of that are spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, neural foraminal encroachment etc...

Injuries can occur upon; bending, lifting, prolonged driving or sitting while doing computer work or upon physical manual labor.

Great place... Dr. Kattar really made me feel heard... They treated me like I'm a person and showed real concern in regards to my injury and need to return to work.  Thanks for everything.   ~ Lawrence R. 
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