Shoulder impingement is a common cause of shoulder pain, “pinching of the tendons/bursa”.

This occurs with repetitive reaching activities.  The joint no longer has normal space for movement causing impingement on the tendon.Recommended Related to Rheumatoid AWhy Yoga Can Be Good for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Over time, impingement syndrome can lead to inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons (tendinitis) and bursa (bursitis). If not treated appropriately, the rotator cuff tendons can start a tear and the tears can be partial or complete. If complete tear occurs then surgery is needed.

With our care the impingement can resolve.

Great place... Dr. Kattar really made me feel heard... They treated me like I'm a person and showed real concern in regards to my injury and need to return to work.  Thanks for everything.   ~ Lawrence R. 
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